The University of Minnesota has a legacy of providing some of the most innovative and best pulmonary care in the world. Researchers are dedicated to finding therapies that will allow patients - adults and children - to live more  productive, and happier lives.

Dr. Maneesh Bhargava

Under the leadership of Dr. Maneesh Bhargava the Center seeks to continue and expand  Sarcoidosis research. Dr. Bhargava's research focuses on biomarkers in lung diseases. The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the American Heart Association currently fund Dr. Bhargava for discovery of biomarkers, his work has been acknowledged with regional and national awards. More recently he was recognized by the American society of Clinical Investigation  and received the Young Physician scientist Award for his research.

Sarcoidosis is a complex and understudied disease that can be difficult to diagnose and has a highly variable clinical course. Improved understanding of disease biology will enable physicians to more specifically target the proper therapy to patients who will benefit. This 'personalized' approach to management will make a giant impact on the quality of life of patients with Sarcoidosis.

With your support, Dr . Maneesh Bhargava and his colleagues can develop the needed infrastructure to  grow the Sarcoidosis Program at the University of Minnesota. Building on the strengths of the Interstitial Lung Disease Program they aim to provide leadership and a destination for patients and their families in their fight against this disease.